USB-C Auto Disconnect Cable


Auto Off Cable USB-C

Stylish brushed aluminium 1.5m braided Auto Disconnect cable, which helps protect your battery from being overcharged.

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Auto Off Cable USB-C

Most cables will break due to pulling on the cord too hard or for too long, causing the plastic to tear. The nylon we use is the solution to that problem. Plus, it looks better.

This cable supports Auto Disconnect, which helps protect your battery from being overcharged. Once you have reached 100%, the cable automatically shuts down the power supply. It gives a longer life for your battery. Smart, right?

Tired of waiting up to 3 hours to charge your phone? Reduce that time by 40%, with our cable along with a 2.4A charger.

Reduce further by coupling with a QC 3.0 cable, such as Hoco QC 3.0 adapter.

  • 1.5m braided cable
  • Brushed Aluminium ends
  • Breathe light to show status




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